BCOP Draft – IPv6 Subnetting

This BCOP aims to provide general IPv6 subnetting guidelines that can be followed by any network operator when planning and implementing an IPv6 network deployment. The primary focus is on understanding IPv6 subnets and addressing plans, creating operational clarity and future proofing.

Due primarily to the lack of a need for the scarcity mentality inherent in IPv4 address planning, IPv6 subnetting brings with it a new paradigm that needs to be understood by network operators looking to roll out IPv6 networks, either purely greenfield or alongside current IPv4 networks (new logical networks sharing common infrastructure). This paradigm shift has prompted the Global Network Engineering Community (GNEC) to repeatedly request that the BCOP for IPv6 subnetting be defined and documented.


Comments about the documents are welcome and can be directed to the IP BCOP mailing list.

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