At the current time, the following documents are in draft form and under discussion within the project:

We welcome any feedback you have on the drafts. Please join our mailing list to join the discussion.


BCOP – IPv6 Subnetting

This BCOP provides general IPv6 subnetting guidelines that can be followed by any network operator when planning and implementing an IPv6 network deployment. The primary focus is on understanding IPv6 subnets and addressing plans, creating operational clarity and future proofing. Due primarily to the lack of a need for the scarcity mentality inherent in IPv4 …

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BCOP – Public Peering Exchange

This document describes the physical and network components that comprise the best current operational practices for connecting to a public peering exchange point. It also provides general configuration parameters and guidelines, but does not include vendor-specific configuration information. There are a multitude of exchange points around the world each of which has a set of …

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BCOP Draft – IPv6 Peering and Transit

This BCOP aims to provide general IPv6 Peering and Transit guidelines that can be followed by any network operator when planning and implementing any IPv6 Peering/Transit relationship. The primary focus is on understanding BGP peering and filtering. We (the Global Network Engineering Community(GNEC)) have made many mistakes with IPv4 Peering and Transit configurations and operational …

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BCOP – Development Process

This document defines the Global Network Engineering Communities (GNEC) Best Current Operational Practices Development Process (BCOP-DP). The GNEC BCOP-DP is the process by which all BCOPs authored by the community are developed by and for the GNEC. BCOP-DPs are developed in an open and transparent manner by the GNEC. Anyone may participate in the process. …

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