BCOP – Development Process

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This document defines the Global Network Engineering Communities (GNEC) Best Current Operational Practices Development Process (BCOP-DP). The GNEC BCOP-DP is the process by which all BCOPs authored by the community are developed by and for the GNEC.

BCOP-DPs are developed in an open and transparent manner by the GNEC. Anyone may participate in the process. The BCOP-DP described in this document defines how BCOPs are established from within the Global Network Engineering Community (GNEC).

Part I of this document provides background information regarding the GNEC BCOP-DP and Part II provides the details of the process.

Status: This document was ratified as a BCOP at the IPBCOP session of NANOG 54 on February 6, 2012.


  • (Ratified version will be posted soon.)

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